May Events

Animé Club
Tuesday, May 19, 3:30 to 5:30 PM, Sohier Room
Watch animé, eat snacks, and have fun.

TAB Meeting
Friday, May 22, 3:30 to 4:30 PM, Staff Conference Room
The Teen Advisory Board meets with Allison to help plan programs, with book selection, and more.

americaPizza and a Movie: TEENS’ CHOICE!
Wednesday, May 27, 3:45 to 6 PM, Sohier Room
Your votes have been counted, and the winner is in! The movie shown on Weds., May 27 will be Captain America: The Winter Soldier.



19th Annual Teen Poetry Contest

Selected finalists read their poems aloud at our Poetry Contest Awards Ceremony & Reception on Tuesday, April 28, 2015, and winners were announced. They are:

Middle School Division
Honorable Mention (in no particular order)
Isabela Cheung for “Helpful Hatred”
Mike Carroll for “Cats, the Downfall of Modern Society”
Jonathan Bolland for “To the Break of Jon”
Alayna Thomas for “Tuesday”
Sam Crocker for “Tacos”
Travis Letourneau for “A Day at the Zoo”
Oz Caiti-Nardone for “Where I’m From”
Kyla Alexander for “On the Run”
Ava Ulian for “Parvana and Me”
Tessa Shields for “The Snow Fight”

Third Place
Catrina Caruso for “A Day In A Life”

Second Place
JD Hildreth for “Lacrosse”

First Place
Chloe Rourke-Nicholas for “The Bullfrog”

High School Division
Honorable Mentions (in no particular order)
Nicholas Iacono-Wise for “Sister”
Robert M. for two poems
Asher Leahy for “Graphite”
Mary Joens for “Mismatched”
Anthony Nimblett for “Not Harry Potter”
Jack Kelly for “Tics”

Third Place
Julia Lewis for “The Morning of Tomorrow”

Second Place
Andrew Desharnais for “Sestina”

First Place
Olin Goudey for “Pre-Calculus”


Congratulations to all of our poets!


2015 Teen Summer Reading: “UNMASK!”

Stay tuned for exciting details about the 2015 Teen Summer Reading program, Unmask! Featuring great events including Giant Games, Candy Sushi, Hunger Games Survival Course, and much, much more!