The snow child : a novel by Eowyn Ivey

image of book coverLooking for magic realism in the harsh frontier of 1920s Alaska? You’ve found it in The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivy. New homesteaders Jack and Mabel are not only struggling to get food on the table, they are emotionally struggling from isolation, and the past death of their only child. During a rare moment of whimsy, on the first snow of the season, Jack and Mabel build a snow child. Soon, they believe that snow child has come to life. What follows is a fantastical fairy tale inspired by a Russian tale that is interwoven throughout the story. But The Snow Child is more than a fairy tale, it follows Mabel’s transformation from a fearful, timid housewife to a true hands-in-the-dirt homesteader who has more strength than she ever realized.

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